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Klassenarbeit 5a

Thema: Simple past
Inhalt: Dictation, simple past, write a text, Translation
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I. Dictation

We went to Germany for our holidays last year.
The journey was very long because we went by car.
And it wasn´t very pleasant because the roads were so busy in August.
We went in my parents’ new company car.
We travelled by boat to France and then we drove to Stuttgart.
We stayed a night there and arrived at our holiday flat the next day.
We speak a little German, but we didn´t really understand the way people talk in Bavaria.
thought that their language sounded funny.
The holidays were great. We liked the meals.
The people were friendly (except for my English-teacher and my Geography teacher), and it didn´t rain.


II. Complete the dialogue between Alan and Sarah. 
Use the simple past form of the verbs.

Sarah: Where were you last Sunday? I tried to phone you,
         but you weren't
at home. I hope that you didn't go by

Alan: Oh, no. We went by train. In August we drove the car to a
        station north of London. Then we took a train back to the centre
        of London.

Sarah: Yesterday, I bought a book about Cornwall. We stayed (stay)
          there last year.

Alan:  Did you stay at a youth hostel?

Sarah: Yes, we did. [Short answer!] We found a nice one.
         Tess our club Leader, flew to Exeter from London, so we met in Tintagel.

Alan: Last year I visited my aunt in Scotland. She´s a great cook and I
        ate a lot. I liked her food and I played with her dog very often.

III. Forms of transport

Write a short text about one form of transportation (plane, bike, train, car, or coach) and say why it is a good form of transport and what the problems about it are.  (write about four to five sentences.)


- A good way to travel very long distances.

- It´s fast.

- A lot of people go on holiday by this way.

- It´s noisy.

- It uses a lot of energy.

- It needs no roads and railways.

Bsp. Bike:

- It´s a good form of transport for short distances.

- It´s quick, healthy, cheap and good for environment.

- You can´t take a lot of luggage or big things with you.

- It´s too slow for long journeys.

Bsp. Car:

- It´s a very popular, quick and comfortable form of transportation.

- You can travel where and when you want to.

- It causes pollution.

- Because of it´s so popular it becomes difficult to travel in towns.

- It can be dangerous.


- Bsp.train:

- You can travel long or short distances this way.

- It´s fast.

- You can take luggage with you.

- You can start your journey in a lot of places.

- It can take you to city centres, towns and some villages.

- It doesn´t always go where you want.

- It doesn´t need roads.

- It doesn´t cause big problems for the environment.

- On the journey, you can leave your seat and buy a snack or a meal.

- It´s a very popular form of transport in Great Britain.

- It´s cheap.

- It uses motorways and other roads to take passengers to almost
  every town and city.

- You can take luggage with you.

- You can read or sleep on the journey.


IV. In English, please

Manchmal weinte Robin, wenn Karen und Peter Schimpfwörter zu ihm sagten.

Aber dann half ihm Sharon.

Er lernte zu schwimmen und offen seine Meinung gegen die anderen Schüler zu sagen

Als er vor drei Tagen in die Schule kam, lachten Karen und ihre Freunde über ihn

Aber es machte ihm nichts aus.

Er sagte: "Wörter können mich nicht verletzen. Ihr seid dumm."

Gestern hatte Karens Fahrrad einen Platten, und Robin reparierte es.


Sometimes Robin cried when Karen and Peter called him bad names.

But then Sharon helped him. He learned to swim and to stand up for himself.

Three days ago, when he went to school, Karen and her friends laughed at him.

But he didn´t mind.

He said:"Words can´t hurt me. You´re stupid.

Yesterday Karen´s bike had a puncture and Robin repaired it.

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